Since time is running out, let’s not waste it any more

SaigloinAfricaoffers you specific services for concrete results


Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals or 2030 Agenda  is not, for us Africans, an option. It is imperative. This forces us not to waste any more time and to focus on practical things, to be pragmatic, to get straight to the point, to take concrete actions, to act to obtain results. The support offered by “SaigloinAfrica” aims to achieve this with certainty.

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« Saigloin-Africa » presents, in detail, the projects that each African country wants to achieve within the framework of each of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals and each of their 169 targets.

This gives unprecedented readability and visibility of what each African country wants to achieve and therefore offers official investment opportunities since these are indeed projects led by governments, by States.

The potentials and projects of each country are therefore presented to decision-makers and citizens of rich countries, at the same reference address ( while remaining specific to each country.

Africa will, therefore, no longer be seen as a dust of small poor countries, about which very little is known. But, rather, as a rich and varied whole where it is possible to make massive and lucrative investments.

For example, in a field such as housing construction, financiers and other manufacturers in the real estate sector will realize the importance of the African market and the immensity of the needs with solvent clients. 


African advertisers will have spaces calibrated to international standards in which to display their advertising messages, their ads.
With the characteristic, since it is a question of ensuring the world promotion of Africa and its assets, and of reaching the maximum number of people, that the same advertisement will be published in the following 15 languages: English; French; Arab; Portuguese; Spanish; Russian; Chinese; German; Japanese; Hindi; Indonesian; Persian; Turkish; Korean and Italian.

These are either the official languages in Africa, or those used at the United Nations, or those of the rich countries of the G20 or even the most spoken on the Internet.

Saigloin-Africa“, you guessed it, will give each advertisement a slightly longer display time with the possibility for the visitor to use the directional arrows or the tracking points, for good. see, read well, a message that would have passed too quickly for his liking.


Our idea at “Saigloin-Africa” ​​is not to promote an Africa that turns in on itself, that lives in autarky. No !
This is why every country in the world, every people in this world, will have a space in which to present all their assets to Africans. But since this is what makes the Internet powerful and charming, it will mean, presenting the best of what they are and do to the rest of the world as well.
Thus, Africa will be able to benefit from the contribution of new partners or traditional partners whose citizens will be better informed by Africans themselves. 

Today, many countries in the rest of the world want to either establish or strengthen their cooperation with African countries. Without necessarily implying the establishment of diplomatic relations with the deployment, in Africa, of their diplomatic personnel.

Saigloin-Africa” ​​offers them the opportunity, thanks to individualized, personalized, “Best of …” pages which will allow them to speak directly to African citizens.

In fact, each country in the world will have its “Best of …” page, up to officials, economic operators and other forces in that country to post their information there.

The advantage being that this information, this is the magic of the Internet, let us stress this point, will also be seen by citizens, potential customers, in other countries of the world.

It goes without saying that “Saigloin-Africa”, a platform initiated to promote the best of Africa in all its rich diversity, while being absolutely open to the rest of the world, will also be a powerful framework for permanent exchanges, in B2B and e-commerce.

Saigloin-Africa” ​​will be a permanent international exhibition showcase for government decision-makers as well as for economic, cultural and sporting operators, in their interaction with the rest of the world.


Of course, nothing can replace human contact, which builds trust and is a powerful accelerator of cooperation.

This is why the founder-administrator of “Saigloin-Africa”, former ambassador, offers African and non-African countries, which they would be interested in, to be their ambassador-at-large.

Saigloin-Africa” ​​also offers coaching in economic diplomacy

Almost all countries today ask their diplomats to do eco-diplomacy, or economic diplomacy. This was the heart of the roadmap that we received upon our appointment as Ambassador of Côte d’Ivoire to Iran in 2001.

For 10 years, both in Iran and in the Ivory Coast and wherever we have been able to go, we have worked on this basis. This has earned us the trophy of “builder of the Ivorian economy” alongside other recipients, who were CEOs and managing directors of large companies.

Having taught for many years, and because we are aware of the current challenges of economic competition through diplomacy, we are ready to share this experience so that, here and there, across the continent, African diplomacy becomes more competitive in the economic field.


Long before the COVID-19 pandemic which imposed teleworking, digitization, digitization, computerization as means of reducing the digital divide had become imperatives to be taken into account in all modernization and development policies. .

It is classic to offer clients, both in the public and private sectors, support in communication, marketing and, above all, to offer them the opportunity to create and host their websites. “Saigloin-Africa” can still do it.

However, for us, as the Chinese philosopher Confucius teaches: “When a man is hungry, it is better to teach him to fish than to give him a fish. “
Also, it seems more interesting to us to offer you training in the knowledge, mastery, use of computer coding techniques to build either blogs or websites.

Personal pages on social media are good. But remember that there you are in the position of a tenant. While building your own website will place you in the position of a home owner. Remember, always, that whoever was the leader of the most powerful nation on this planet, had his accounts blocked on social networks. Exactly like a tenant that a landlord comes to expel, rightly or wrongly.

It is essential today, whether you are a business manager or executive, at the head of a decentralized structure such as municipalities, departmental councils, general councils, governorates, or if you are a self-employed worker. , own your own website and understand how it was built.

Of course, you will need a computer scientist, a webmaster, to update and animate your website. But already at the start, because you will have a good knowledge of coding languages, it will be easier for you to determine more precise specifications to guide your webmaster when creating your website or blog.

And, being able to intervene, oneself, if necessary, to update or modify one’s website or that of the structure that one manages, is an invaluable service that one renders to oneself.


One of the crucial problems that African leaders face, when they are in business, at the head of ministries, in public and private enterprises, is to find financing for the realization of their projects.
It is precisely in order to be able to find concrete answers that, informed by the lessons learned during our career as an international consultant in business and innovative strategies, we understood the imperative need to create the multilingual platform “Saigloin-Africa“.

Already, when information relating to a financing need is disseminated on our digital platform, as we have seen, it can, of course, be of interest to African companies which are in the financing of projects.
But, this information is intended primarily for donors in these rich countries.

Thanks to the support we offer, relying, for this, on our various focal points in these different countries, information is brought to the greatest number of companies that can provide the funding sought.

It’s no secret that these economies are in competition. Expressions of interest will thus allow African entities to no longer find themselves alone, facing a single interlocutor whom they will tend to regard as a providence. But, many times, you have a choice between several offers.

This also applies to any technical partner. The offer he has to make will be compared to other proposals.

Finally, it is also necessary to point out an important element in terms of fundraising for projects: presenting on “Saigloin-Africa” ​​different projects from the same country, neighboring countries, countries in the same geographical region, will make people understand. donors, all the interest they have in getting involved in these different projects in Africa.

Because, very often, even the traditional partners are not always very well informed of the multiple assets and the attractive opportunities that the various African actors offer.



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