African diasporas are the treasures of Africa

In reference to its definition from the point of view of history, the word DIASPORA refers, by extension, to the state of dispersion of a people, of a community. We can therefore speak of African diasporas around the world. This digital platform, “SaigloinAfrica“, whose mission is to promote the best of Africa, cannot fail to echo all the inspiring stories, all the initiatives, of Africans, Africans, who left our continent for different reasons, but who do not forget where they left from.

These daughters and sons of our continent are fighting, alone or in collaboration with others, to help the African populations in their families, their regions, their countries of origin or elsewhere.
Diasporas from 54 countries are, for each country, but declined in a multitude of facets, according to the host countries where these African men and women have lived since their departure from Africa, different daily realities, varied possibilities..

Your surely exciting, inspiring, exemplary stories, the efforts you make for the continent, your successes, deserve to be shared, to better highlight the treasures for Africa that you all constitute.
You are, and make no mistake about it, very precious links in the mobilization of all the resources necessary for the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals on the African continent.

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