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           R. A. TIETI 

Founder & Administrator

 Our Message For You

* Due to the fault of some very unscrupulous people, who are everywhere in the world, women and men, the Internet, which is a great communication tool, is often poorly used and therefore arouses understandable suspicions. .
* By creating this website, “SaigloinAfrica“, which has great and noble ambitions for Africa, our concern is to make it a convivial space where people feel at first safe, to all the points of view.
* That is why the Founder – Administrator, himself, to put each of you in trust, tells you clearly who he is. He makes no secret of his references that are verifiable. So you know very well who you send your message to.
* Therefore, you will easily understand that we want, in return, to deal with those of the citizens of the world who are serious, who hide nothing, who have nothing to hide, and who have no problem to clearly identify themselves when they come to us and want to get in touch with us or who wish to express their opinions on this website, in dedicated spaces.
* Your personal data, at no time, will not be the subject of any malicious use, be reassured.
* Please, fill in all the lines of our contact form above. to communicate with us with peace of mind, between responsible and serious people.