Introductory remarks

SaigloinAfrica” or the urgency to wake up, to get involved, to act




Former Ambassador of Côte d’Ivoire
Founder and Administrator
of « Saigloin-Africa ».

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One question : when, in our human community, we have helped define the actions that each must take, for the good of all, who to blame if we do not do our part as it should and as agreed?

One certitude : what we, Daughters and Sons of Africa, we are not doing and / or we do not want to do for OUR CONTINENT, no one is going to come from elsewhere to do it for us.

A reminder : 22 years ago, in the year 2000, the 3rd millennium began. All the peoples of the world, freely, unanimously, have decided to act against poverty and the evils which still undermine all of humanity.

From September 6 to 8, 2000, at the headquarters of the United Nations (UN) in New York, the “Millennium Summit” was held in the presence of the highest decision-makers from 189 Member States.

They adopted the “Millennium Declaration” including the following “Eight Millennium Development Goals” (MDGs), confirmed by the “World Summit” held on September 14-16, 2005 at the UN:

  1. Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger.
  2. Achieve universal primary education.
  3. Promote gender equality and empower women.
  4. Reduce child mortality.
  5. Improve maternal health.
  6. Combat HIV/AIDS, malaria, and other diseases
  7. Ensure environmental sustainability.
  8. Develop a global partnership for development.

If progress has been made, experts noted, already in 2010: “Halfway through the 2015 deadline, the record of the Millennium Development Goals is uneven and we are faced with nothing less than a development emergency. (…) If current trends continue, it is likely that no African country will achieve all of the goals.

At the end of these 10 years of the MDGs, in fact, much remained to be done.

From September 25 to 27, 2015, at the UN, world leaders adopted 17 global sustainable development goals, detailed in 169 targets, to better understand them all and “transform our world“.

The official website of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs or 2030 Agenda) states that they are “a call to action from all countries – poor, rich and middle-income – to promote prosperity while protecting the planet.

This second plan, over 15 years, until the horizon 2030, therefore aims to “eliminate poverty, protect the planet and improve the daily life of all people, everywhere in the world, while opening up prospects for the future.

How many Africans, knowing how to read, have read this document which, however, puts us all on a mission, invites us to mobilize and act in three areas: global action; local action; and an individual action? Have we read the text of the MDGs?

African States have almost all drawn up their National Development Plans modeled on these SDGs. Have we read, do we know how our leaders want to achieve these goals beneficial for all humanity and therefore, necessarily, beneficial for each of us?

If, until now, we have not read this 2030 Agenda, then we do not know that we must act, we can act.

Africa, despite some progress made, remains a poor continent where misery and despair reign. Tragic and violent proof: the thousands of Africans who perish in the perilous crossing of the Mediterranean Sea.
And yet, since 2005, the combined plans, MDG and SDG, over 25 years, had to avoid this.

But here we are, at the beginning of the year 2022. There are only 9 years left. The countdown has begun.  

What to do? We have read and reread this 2030 Agenda. It is a wealth of ideas and opportunities that should not be overlooked any longer. Of course, to benefit from the treasure of the SDGs, we all need to act.

ACT, here and now, so that tomorrow it is not too late, for us, for our children. ACT, choose innovative solutions that will help us make up for lost time.

Hence the creation of “Saigloin-Africa” ​​educated by our studies in economics, our teaching experiences, in politics, our trips to 33 countries and the mission of Ambassador of Ivory Coast assumed for ten years in Iran; with the privilege of being Dean of both African and French speaking groups.

Saigloin-Africa” ​​is therefore a digital platform created to ACT and PROMOTE all of Africa, in its rich diversity. Our mission: to help you find solutions, everywhere, thanks to the POWER OF GLOBAL BROADCASTING OF THE INTERNET and OUR NETWORK OF RELIABLE PARTNERS.

We will publish in the following 15 languages: English; French; Arab; Portuguese; Spanish; Russian; Chinese; German; Japanese; Hindi; Indonesian; Persian; Turkish; Korean and Italian.

These languages are either official languages in Africa, or official languages of the United Nations system, or languages of the rich countries of the G20, or even the most spoken languages on the Internet.

Africans from Africa and the African Diaspora around the world, let’s mobilize, let’s act to obtain results!
Let’s astound the world!
Thank you.



Presentation of my credentials on November 29, 2001


HE Mr. Laurent GBAGBO, then President of the Republic of Côte d’Ivoire, elected in October 2000, appointed me, in July 2001, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of our country to the Islamic Republic of Iran, with residence in Tehran.

I was his special advisor in charge of Communication since November 2001 and thus, a member of his civil cabinet, at the Presidency of the Republic.

On Thursday, November 29, 2001, I presented my credentials to His Excellency Mr. Seyyed Mohammad Khatami, then President of Iran.
I remained in this position for 10 years, until 2011.

I was, at the same time, Dean of the group of African ambassadors and Dean of the group of ambassadors of French-speaking countries.

In terms of surface area, Iran is 5 times the size of Côte d’Ivoire.

Some of the significant images of our mission in Iran



Very well identify the issues thanks to “SaigloinAfrica” and understand what we offer

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The digital platform “Saigloin-Africa” ​​is an exclusively African initiative, mainly at the service of Africans and Africa, while being open to the rest of the world. It offers all the driving forces in Africa, global visibility like never before.

It is therefore important to have a clear awareness of the reasons for trusting and adopting the “Saigloin-Africa” ​​platform.

According to the most recent data, the Internet universe is currently an ocean of 1.7 billion websites, with approximately 200 million of those websites active.

200 millions ! This always remains a figure that makes you dizzy. Especially since, despite the creation and closure or loss of websites, around 4.5 billion people around the world contribute to online interactions.

Such a universe, where there is no shortage of counterfeiters, recommends working with people who:

  • Already show a love of Africa pegged to the soul,
  • are driven, with passion, by the desire to promote the best of all of Africa,
  • have experience and practice of high-level international contacts,
  • have a good knowledge of institutions, professional organizations, such as Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Chambers of Agriculture, Chambers of Trades and Crafts, but also cooperative societies, development mutuals, professions artistic, unions,
  • rely on a rich network of reliable personal contacts around the world and
  • have a business card that inspires respect and consideration.

Passion for Africa, hard work and loyalty in the service of Africans

It is all this that our digital platform “Saigloin-Africa” ​​offers you thanks to its Founder – Administrator, Roch d´Assomption TIETI.

Indeed, Mr. TIETI, has a respectable, traceable, verifiable academic and professional background. Holder of a master’s degree in economics, he is a former Ambassador of Côte d’Ivoire to Iran (2001 – 2010), a former Special Advisor to the President of the Republic, a former international award-winning journalist, a former teacher, a former politician.
He is currently an International Consultant in Business and Innovative Strategies.

Saigloin-Africa” is, precisely, the working instrument through which, its Founder – Administrator is at the service of all Africa, of all Africans (women as men) whether they live in Africa or in one of the African diasporas around the world.

Throughout his 40 years of professional life, the Founder and Administrator of “Saigloin-Africa” ​​has been demanding in terms of the quality of the result, hard worker, tireless, rigorous, serious.

Mr. TIETI makes a point of preserving his credibility and protecting his reputation.
All of the things that make him a loyal, genuine, trustworthy and absolutely reliable partner.


The heart of our mission and the reason for our existence is to ensure a planetary promotion of the best of what each African or group of Africans has as a project.

It can also be anything that Africans offer as goods and services or what they seek, on the basis of a win-win partnership, both financially and technically.

We can indeed do this through the spreading power of the Internet, whether these Africans live in Africa or in any of the African diasporas around the world.

Saigloin-Africa” ​​is a space for communication, promotion and marketing, available to Africa, to all African decision-makers, to all African companies, to all project leaders, to all local elected officials.

Our digital platform aims, more specifically, to ensure a very wide dissemination of the National Sustainable Development Plans of African countries, drawn up within the framework of the 2030 Agenda and to contribute to their realization.

What “Saigloin-Africa” ​​offers, completely new and very powerful, is that exactly the same information to be disseminated on this digital platform, will be translated and published in the following 15 languages: English; French; Arab; Portuguese; Spanish; Russian; Chinese; German; Japanese; Hindi; Indonesian; Persian; Turkish; Korean and Italian.

As underlined in the introductory remarks (SaigloinAfrica” or the urgency to wake up, to get involved, to act), these languages ​​include, in fact:

  • the 5 official languages spoken, here and there, in the 54 African countries,
  • the 6 official working languages of the United Nations System,
  • the languages spoken in the 19 countries which, together with the European Union, form the intergovernmental forum of the Group of Twenty (G20 countries). According to the figures for 2021, this framework of meetings and multilateral discussions represents 75% of world trade, nearly 2/3 of the world population and more than 80% of the gross world product (sum of the GDP of all the countries of the world).
    They are the richest countries in the world.
  • the most widely spoken languages on the Internet, such as, for example, Persian (Iran).


To speak directly to the public opinion of the world and conquer them

By working in these 15 languages, “Saigloin-Africa” ​​solves the following problems:

1 / The citizens of the countries whose languages ​​are, will benefit from the important comfort of direct access to the information provided in their languages, during their visits to our pages.

They will save time, since they will not have to resort to translation software every time to understand what is being said or written.

Each message is delivered to them directly in their official language. Which breaks the language barrier.


Africa and Africans presented in their best light

2 / More citizens of the world will receive the same verified, reliable information from credible African sources about Africans and different countries in Africa. Thus, they will be better informed about the realities of Africa.

They will now receive, above all, information that values ​​Africans and Africa. Rather than receiving only information that spoils the image of Africans and Africa as they have been used to it until now.

All the things that discourage them, certainly, rob them of any desire for Africa. And yet, those whose media like to paint the African continent in black, or to talk about it only when it is not rewarding, are very present and very active in Africa.

There is absolutely no reason why ordinary citizens, but above all women and men in business circles from other countries, should not be better informed; so that they can come, now, and take a close look at the opportunities that Africa offers.


3/ One thing is recurrent, economic operators from different countries, once they have been better informed, on such and such an occasion, of what can be done with Africa, show great interest.

This remains, despite everything, often marginal, unfortunately, given the weakness of African diplomatic deployment around the world.

We simply need to work seriously to get to them, the real and good information on Africans and on Africa and strongly encourage them to come, themselves, to discover Africa.


Better interaction between African countries, businesses and citizens

4 / Africans themselves will receive information about the various African countries that the language barrier has not allowed them to access until now.

They will know each other’s realities better, they will know each other better.

This will undoubtedly generate diverse and varied trade flows. Since an economic operator, for example, will realize that it is possible for him to easily find in such or such African country, goods and services for which he had, until now, had no other choice than that of going outside Africa.


« Saigloin-Africa » is a digital niche, a digital cluster unique in its design:

Official investment opportunities

It presents, in detail, the projects that each African country wants to carry out within the framework of each of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals and each of their 169 targets.
This gives unprecedented readability and visibility on what each African country wants to achieve and therefore offers official investment opportunities since these are projects carried out by governments, by States.

The potential and projects of each country are therefore presented to decision-makers and citizens of rich countries, at the same reference address ( while remaining specific to each country.

Africa will therefore no longer be perceived as a collection of small, poor countries, about which we know very little, but rather as a rich and varied whole where it is possible to make massive and lucrative investments.

For example, in a field such as housing construction, financiers and other industrialists in the real estate sector will become aware of the importance of the African market and the immensity of the needs with solvent clients.


Multilingual advertising for African advertisers

African advertisers will have spaces calibrated according to international standards where they can display their advertising messages and advertisements.
With the characteristic, since it is a question of ensuring the global promotion of Africa and its assets, and of reaching the maximum number of people, that the same advertising will be displayed in each of the 15 languages described above.

As you may have guessed, « Saigloin-Africa », will give each advertisement a slightly longer display time, with the possibility for visitors to use the directional arrows or repeater points to see and read a message that has gone by too quickly for their liking.


Platform open to all countries in the world that can help Africa

Our idea at « Saigloin-Africa », is not to promote an inward-looking, self-sufficient Africa. No! Africa that turns in on itself, that lives in autarky. No!
That’s why every country in the world, every people in the world, will have a space where they can present all their assets to Africans.
But since this is the strength and charm of the Internet, it will mean presenting the best of what they are and do to the rest of the world too. In this way, Africa can benefit from the contribution of new or traditional partners, whose citizens will be better informed by Africans themselves.


Today, many countries in the rest of the world want to either establish or strengthen their cooperation with African countries. Without this necessarily implying the establishment of diplomatic relations with the deployment, in Africa, of their diplomatic personnel.

« Saigloin-Africa » offers them the opportunity to do just that, thanks to individualized, personalized “Best of …” pages that will enable them to address African citizens directly.

Indeed, each country in the world will have its own « Best of … », page, where officials, economic operators and other key players can post their information.

The advantage being that this information, that is the magic of the Internet, let us emphasize this point, will also be seen by citizens, potential customers, of other countries in the world.

It goes without saying that « Saigloin-Africa », a platform launched to promote the best of Africa in all its rich diversity, while being absolutely open to the rest of the world, will also be a powerful framework for permanent B2B and e-commerce exchanges.

 « Saigloin-Africa » will be a permanent international exhibition showcase for government decision-makers as well as economic, cultural and sporting operators, in their interaction with the rest of the world.


Coaching in « economic diplomacy »

Of course, nothing can replace human contact which strengthens trust and constitutes a powerful accelerator of cooperation.

This is why the founder -administrator de “Saigloin-Africa”, a former ambassador, is offering African and non-African countries, which would be interested, to be their ambassador-at-large.

 « Saigloin-Africa » also offers coaching in economic diplomacy. 

Almost all countries today ask their diplomats to practice eco-diplomacy, or economic diplomacy. This was at the heart of the roadmap that we received upon our appointment as ambassador of Côte d’Ivoire to Iran in 2001.

For 10 years, both in Iran and in Côte d’Ivoire, and wherever we went, we worked on this basis. As a result, we were awarded the trophy for “Builder of the Ivorian Economy” alongside other recipients who were heads of major companies.

Having taught for many years, and because we are aware of the present issues of economic competition through diplomacy, we are ready to share this experience so that, here and there, across the continent, African diplomacy becomes more competitive in the economic field.


Initiation of managers to digital fundamentals

Long before the COVID-19 pandemic which imposed teleworking, digitalization, digitization and computerization as means of reducing the digital divide had become imperatives to be taken into account in all modernization and development policies.

It’s classic to offer customers in both the public and private sectors support in communications and marketing, and above all, to create and host their own websites. « Saigloin-Africa » can always do that.
However, for us, as the Chinese philosopher Confucius teaches: “When a man is hungry, it is better to teach him to fish than to give him a fish.
That’s why we think it’s more interesting to offer you training in the knowledge, mastery and use of computer coding techniques to build either blogs or websites.

Personal pages on social networks are all very well. But remember that there, you’re in the position of a tenant. Whereas creating your own website will put you in the position of a homeowner. Remember, always, that the leader of the most powerful nation on this planet had his social networking accounts blocked. Just like a tenant that a landlord comes to evict, rightly or wrongly.

It is essential today, whether you are a business leader or executive, at the head of a decentralized structure such as municipalities, departmental councils, general councils, governorates, or if you are an independent worker , to own your own website and understand how it was built.

Of course, you’ll need a computer specialist, a webmaster, to update and animate your website. But, right from the start, because you’ll have a good knowledge of coding languages, it will be easier for you to determine more precise specifications to guide your webmaster when creating your website or blog.

And, being able to intervene, yourself, if necessary, to make an update, a modification on your website or that of the structure you manage, is an invaluable service that you provide to yourself.


The search for financing

One of the crucial problems that African leaders face, when they are in business, at the head of ministries, in public and private companies, is finding financing for the realization of their projects.
It’s precisely in order to find concrete answers that, informed by the lessons learned during our career as an international consultant in business and innovative strategies, we understood the pressing need to create the multilingual « Saigloin-Africa » platform.

Already, when information relating to a financing need is disseminated on our digital platform, as we have seen, it can certainly be of interest to African companies involved in project financing.
But this information is intended mainly for donors in these rich countries.
Thanks to the support we offer, backed up by our various focal points in these different countries, the information is brought to the largest possible number of companies that can provide the financing sought.

It’s no secret that these economies are in competition with each other. Expressions of interest will therefore mean that African entities will no longer find themselves alone, faced with a single interlocutor whom they tend to regard as a providence. Instead, they will often be able to choose between several offers.

This also applies to any technical partner. The offer he will have to make will be compared to other proposals.

Last but not least, we must also point out an important element in terms of seeking funding for projects: presenting on «Saigloin-Africa » different projects from the same country, from neighboring countries, from countries in the same geographical region, will make people understand donors, all the interest they have in getting involved in these different projects in Africa.

Because, very often, even traditional partners are not well informed about the many assets and attractive opportunities offered by the various African actors.



The complete form of the
logo of “Saigloin-Africa”




Our full logo offers a combination of text and images. The address of the digital platform’s website is and the official, registered, registered name of the platform is exactly: “Saigloin-Africa“.

The word “SAIGLOIN” is a word from the “dan” language also known as “Yacouba”, in the west of the Ivory Coast. It is a word from the ethnicity of the founder and administrator of this digital platform which means “love of the land of the ancestors”, “patriotism”.

Attached to “AFRICA” (Africa in English), we quite simply have “Saigloin-Africa”.

It is the expression of attachment, of love for Africa, of the passion and pride that one feels in being African. All feelings that require us to love and defend, everywhere, our continent and to do everything possible to look after its image, as well as that of Africans, wherever we can.

For the purpose of creating a visual, the word “Saigloin” is written so that:

First: the “A” is replaced by “@” (at sign). This symbol is used, of course, in the writing of an address to which one sends 



an electronic mail; but, above all, it is accepted as the symbol of the Internet as a whole and hence of modern communication;

Second: the “O” is replaced by the multicolored wheel which symbolizes the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The word “Africa” ​​is replaced by a map of Africa where, at the geographical location of each of the 54 countries that make up our continent, is the flag of that country which respects it and draws its official geographic outline.

Above the “Saigloin-Africa” base line thus styled, we have an image in which 4 shapes of 4 different but complementary colors stand out, two by two: two shades of green in two shapes inducing an upward movement then the orange and yellow in two shapes that reflect a downward dynamic

The two ascending forms of green colors symbolize the diversity of African peoples and the two major vegetation zones they inhabit: the forest zone and the Sahelian zone.

As for the two descending colors, orange and yellow, they are the symbol of gold (yellow metal), and all other forms of wealth (orange).

And their complementary movements reflect that of the Daughters and Sons of Africa who leave the continent to go to the rest of the world, in search of wealth, in all its forms, to bring it back to Africa.

Thus, for its contribution to achieving and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, “Saigloin-Africa”:
– on the one hand, is based on each of the 17 goals and their 169 targets of Agenda 2030, the globally accepted roadmap, adopted by all of humanity, which puts each of us on a mission and

– on the other hand, decides to use the Internet, a powerful means of mass communication, to reach, wherever possible on planet earth, all the goodwill capable of helping Africa.


The compact form of the
logo of “Saigloin-Africa”




A logo, we know, is a visual identifier that allows people to remember your business. The logo’s compact shape is intended to appear next to the address bar and in a browser’s favorites list.
Which helps visitors remember your website, identify it among multiple bookmarks.

We find, in this compact form, all the elements explained in the part “complete logo shape”, above.
With, this time, “S” for “Saigloin”, “A” for “Africa”, the @ “(at sign) and the wheel of the 17 SDGs, keeping all their meanings, just like the shapes with the 4 colors.